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They need not have their attention drawn to every case in which the sense of a passage has been affected by the more accurate rendering ol the Greek article or the tense of a verb, by giving to a |nxnoun, conjunction or preposition its due forcoi by ^jmr^ Digitized by Ci OOgle \i, INTRODUCTION. A charger.— This word, though obsolete in the sense of " a dish " or " platter," has been retained, partly because of its frequent occurrence in Num. greater ; " comparatively ^eat, greater than others, and so greatest of all. removing an ambignitj, by following the order of the worda in the original where the order is essential to the emphasi H, by obsei'ving uniformity in the translation of the ss Lvne word, by distinguishing in translation terms which in tlic Authorised Version are regarded as identical in their meaning. probably denotes the relative positioofi of the dancer and the spectators. chap, vii., and partly because no other word presented itself which would not seem below the solemnity of the occasion. All English versions apparently, with the Vu^., have the singular.

He maj use his best aideavours to understand what he reads, and may have a frdr knowledge of the Scripture- in the original language ; yet if he be altogether without guidance he will sometimes &il to discover the reason or the significance of the change that has been made in the Version; and in such cases be will lament his own lack of critical insight^ unless indeed he hastily condemns the new reading as a need- less disturbance of the old familiar text with which he and his forefathers have been well content A 'very few words will generally suffice to make him see that the change was not made ''for the sake of change" or out of mere pedantry. 6 It is proflta Ue fbr him.—Auth., "it were better for him.'* The Gr. For such a man the worst punish- ment of hnman yengeance is a boon, in comparison to the retri- bution which awaits nim at the hands of God. is always so rendered in Aut L, except hi this place, where it is " abound." Digitized by Vj OOQIC 64 ST.

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He will find that in one place daylight has been let in on a passage which before was dark; that in another place a slightly different shade of meaning has been given to a phrase or word ; and remem- bering what the Holy Scriptures are, that they contain a Divine as well as a human element, and that we know not how intimately the two lare blended together, he will not venture to say that a closer approximation to the original, however minute, may safely be neglected. 8 Btema L— For Anth., "erorlasting," and so wherever the Gr. 12 Unto the mountains.— Anth^ "into." The preposition in.

A work undertaken with such a purpose, v^ile it con- tains many things that are obvious to the mature Greek scholar, w Ul yet leave much room for the exercise of care and thought on the part of the intelligent readers for whom it is specially intended. Apa, Korat in its narrower sense of *' hour," In its larger sense, " season/' it is here taken by Auth., following Tynd., and rendered " at the same time." But though it occurs more than a hundred times in the New Testament, it is not more than a doien times translated otherwise than " hour." Greatest.— Margin, Gr. m iu^io Sf aionios, 9 Tlia hall of fire.— See Note on chap.

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